Monday, December 8, 2008

A ticket for WHAT???

I am about to "take on city hall" so to speak. We went out to the van today & found a "parking violation" on it. The violation? "Using a public street for storage for more than 24 hours." In other words, it is illegal to park in front of your house, even though our driveway will only hold one vehicle. And everyone else in the neighborhood has cars on the street. Okay, so even if that IS a parking violation, here's the kicker: It said "greater than 24 hours." That van was in the DRIVEWAY all weekend b/c Phil fixed the brakes on it. The Buick was in the street. Oh, yes, they were facing the right way, too. That's another violation if you park facing the wrong way. In your own neighborhood. On a culdesac where no one comes. In front of your own house. Anyway, the van was parked on the street from approximately 6:30 or 7 p.m. last night until 1:30 p.m. today. The policeman obviously made the assumption that it was there more than 24 hours. The other note: dirty windows. WHAT? I just cleaned the windows on the front & rear. I did not just clean the windows on the sides in the back. All other windows were clean. And what does that have to do with a PARKING VIOLATION? We live in San Antonio where it's dusty & our cars are parked under trees. Trees have pollen. Pollen falls. Trees have birds. Birds poop. He didn't say "bird poop on car." Maybe because I'd CLEANED IT OFF THE WINDOWS---those "DIRTY" windows.

So, now I get to spend a day downtown, probably have to pay for parking to go try to prove that I did NOT have the van parked there for 24 hours, and find out where in the world we are supposed to park a 2nd car in a one car driveway. This is just how I wanted to spend a day. I was FINALLY going to have a day at home. I thought we might actually do some homeschooling AT HOME this week. Thank you Mr. Policeman for a Very Merry Christmas.

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