Friday, December 12, 2008


After reviewing the situation, I thought I better think it out again. Wait, that's a song from Oliver! You can see the scene here: We THINK that it is better to pay the fine than to tell them the ticket is not true, because we also had an expired registration sticker, which is noted on this ticket. We had just recently realized BOTH cars' stickers had expired. I do not recall getting the paperwork for those. Then again, this past year is such a blur that they could have arrived and been tossed out accidentally. The irony is that I was GOING TO THE TAX OFFICE when I found the ticket. I guess I will save taking on City Hall for another day. But, I will ask them why it is illegal to park in front of your own house for more than 24 hours. Sometimes on the weekends we do leave it there that long.

And, in case you wondered, it is illegal to park against the traffic (even on a neighborhood cul-de-sac), that is facing the wrong way. It's also a code violation to have a mattress outside for more than a certain number of days (like 3 days max). I know this because our neighbors had one out and were going to take it to someone's house (and I THINK it was in the back yard) and they got ticketed! I still say the police have FAR better things to do than slap down code violations over cars parked the wrong way and mattresses!

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