Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prayer request for my aunt and Phil's uncles

If anyone happens to be reading my blog, would you please pray for my Aunt Olivia? Her husband of over 60 years died tonight. It wasn't too long ago they found out he had cancer. This week he went into the hospital & they said he would not recover. They were in the process of finding out about hospice care.

Aunt Olivia was only 14 when she married her husband, who was 21. She has health problems, too, which will make this time even more difficult. They have 3 married kids, and 6 grandchildren who will miss Uncle Gene greatly.

My mom is the only remaining "inlaw" in my dad's family. All 3 of his sisters are now widows. I am planning on Mom keeping her position for quite some time!

We are waiting on funeral info. With my dad in recovery for his leg, I offered to drive them to Waco for the funeral in our van so he can keep his leg elevated. Our last day of homeschool co-op is Tuesday, and I also have an out of the blue paying job on Tuesday morning, so we'll see if the funeral ends up being that day or another one.

This week, the same day we found out that Uncle Gene was declining, we also learned that Phil's Uncle Gilbert had emergency surgery in Arizona. His wife, Dorothy, is recovering from a fall that fractured her arm, but it can't be casted. Their daughter Vicky is there taking care of her mom, and now her dad as well. Please pray for all of them in these days. Gilbert is the oldest child of the 8 in my mother in law's family.

We also found out that Uncle Don, the baby of the family, got bad news about his cancer (for which he has undergone multiple treatments). His counts were up (a bad thing). He is now on a waiting list for a trial treatment here in San Antonio. Please pray for Don and his wife Dawn.

Thank you!

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