Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twin Dorklings in the works

I'm part of an online "community" for rubber stampers. Well, we aren't made of rubber, but are people who like to stamp with rubber stamps. Within that huge website there are small groups that have formed who have similarities & like to chat. I am part of a group called "The Traveling Dork Sisters." I do believe I am the ONLY one in the group who was TOLD to join the group rather than discovering it. That's pretty dorky when you are told you are a dork & you need to be in a dork group!

One of our "Dork Sisters" has 2 little girls. She & hubby had a huge house fire last year, found black mold in the attic THIS year with the new roof that was built as part of the problem, found out his dad has cancer (his parents live with them), and their older daughter has had recurring pneumonia this year. In the midst of this, they really wanted to add a new member to the family but it just wasn't happening. She had a lot of "issues" and was taking medicine to regulate everything so they could try again this fall. She just wasn't feeling well this week, and wanted to see what was going on with this new medicine & her body. Pregnancy tests were all negative so she was sure she wasn't pregnant. Plus, the new medicine made her not have "cycles," I think, so there was no reason to even suspect this. Well, she went to the doctor & the pregnancy test they did was a "weak positive" which could have been negative. Turns out she is VERY POSITIVELY pregnant with TWINS!!! And not just "barely pregnant" but a few months along! You can read all about it yourself on her blog and see the twin dorklings on the sonogram.

The coolest part of this: she found out on her birthday!

When they had the fire, they purchased baby furniture with the money in the hopes of having more babies. However, they purchased ONE of each piece! They can live in a crib together for a bit, but they'll eventually need a second one. Well, a second of EVERYTHING I guess! The dork sisters are quite excited to be "cyber aunts" again!

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omThank you for posting my story! You guys are great!