Friday, October 10, 2008

Gettin' Crafty

My computer has been acting crafty, in the true sense of the word. I had this post all typed up & then when I tried to edit & look for something, it all disappeared. Crafty, I tell ya'!

I just wanted to share yet another venture that I am going to try out. I've loved to do crafts as long as I can remember. I loved making paper chains and paper snowflakes when I was little. I was sewing by 5th grade (on a machine, I'd been using a toy machine before that). I crocheted in 4th grade (what was supposed to be a Granny Square turned into an oval shawl! LOL!). I sewed my own wedding dress and with the help of our moms & friends, we hand sewed all the lace and sequins to the dress. This is not a "passing fancy" thing with me, but a cheaper form of therapy than, well, therapy!

My mom would add that I am very good at STARTING crafts & not finishing them. I think the craft that I am mostly enjoying now is one that allows me to finish an actual project: Rubber Stamping! I mainly make cards, which are easy to complete. I'd like to do scrapbook pages, but I think I'm afraid I won't finish them, so I just don't start. Yes, I have been labeled as a "frustrated perfectionist."

When I first started really enjoying stamping, I would host Stampin' Up parties and get free stamps, ink, etc., like a Pampered Chef host would get. I also found ways to buy things 1/2 price at the craft stores or to trade something with someone else. Even in my crafting, I've learned to be a bargain hunter. It is rare for me to pay full price for anything, and when I do, I cringe! With my Pampered Chef business not doing as well as it had been, I decided I could not buy any stamping supplies until I sold some other ones. So I started selling on ebay, Splitcoaststampers, and I still have some sets on webstore at :

This week I was asked by someone who saw some cards I listed on ebay if I would make a set of 40 cards for her to buy! How cool is that! Getting to do something else I love & make money! I've been carefully studying what does & doesn't sell well on ebay so I don't list things that won't sell. I've been there, done that, too many times. I never imagined someone approaching me to make cards! So, I am now officially a cardmaker for profit!

I'm also WANTING to make doll clothes to fit 18" dolls like American Girl Dolls, Life of Faith Dolls, etc. I've not seen a big selection of those at affordable prices.

I am STILL doing Pampered Chef. I have several shows for November and I am so excited! Stones will be on sale & it should be a stellar month! That money for Christmas should come in handy!

If any of you happen to be in the market for cards or doll clothes, be sure to contact me! Actually, I can do other stamped crafts as well, like treat boxes. I'll share some samples of cards I've made so you know what I'm talking about. Have a great weekend!


April C said...

Lori - I just wanted to tell you that your cards are beautiful!!!!

Toni said...

your cards are gorgeous! WOW! WOW!