Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That's it, I just can't die!

I guess THAT is a weird thing to say on a blog! Let me explain. I got a letter yesterday from a life insurance company. When Phil started this new job, we had the option to buy in life insurance for me, too. Having just lost his dad, and knowing that we aren't "spring chickens" anymore, we thought it would be wise to get some of this rather inexpensive insurance coverage. So, we filled out the gazillion forms & turned it in. Of course, we were doing this ASAP because we needed his medical insurance to kick in for the wreck he had the day BEFORE starting the job.

This letter came yesterday with some unexpected news. They cannot offer me life insurance because, according to my medical records, I have Celiac Disease, have been anemic, and have asthma. Yes, I do have all 3 of those, or have had. Celiac Disease is under control with diet. Follow-up endoscopy showed that I have healed villi in my intestines. Anemia, well, tons of iron followed by being on a gluten free diet, have proven to make me no longer positive for anemia. Finally, asthma. Well, I only breathe at 70% lung capacity. However, it has NEVER caused hospitilization, a nebulizer, or more than an occasional puff of albuterol. I will try to contact someone for more information on this.

This news makes me realize once again that I can NEVER be off of health insurance. This is an issue for us as Phil's company will no longer pay any part of the spouse's premiums. That's normal, but it is also going to cost us nearly $300 a month more, we THINK. God will provide this, I'm just not sure how!

The second thing I realized is that you should invest in life insurance while young & healthy & lock in a low cost. As the kids say, "My bad."

Finally, and most importantly, it led me to a very important conclusion. I simply cannot die until the girls are fully grown and independent (which may take a LONG time for Bethany; Natalie would be independent next week, I suppose, if she had to be) and can take care of their dad if I am gone. That's all there is to it. That's pretty much my goal anyway, but it is official now!

Guess this means we need to pray for my body to be healed of all these silly illnesses so I can "live long and prosper." Oh, wait, I'm not a Vulcan from Star Trek. My hubby has corrupted me! How about so I can live long & praise the Lord!

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