Saturday, October 4, 2008

Solving the Gas Crisis

I think we should let my 9 year old daughter solve the gas crisis. You see, she seems to have a fascination with this topic. Oh, not the gas you put in your car. The other kind. You know, like the book, The Gas We Pass. There are other books, but this one has the nicest title. In a home with celiac disease and other gastric "issues" I guess she just is so used to this that she finds it quite humorous. Okay, I suppose most kids find it humorous. Truth be told, Bethany also finds it humorous, but she isn't as enamored by this topic as the younger child (also known as my "girly-girl tomboy).

Last week she got a container of putty from a friend. This was no ordinary putty. This putty is called "flarp." When you put it into the container, it makes, um, noises. Air gets trapped, then released. Use your imagination. She had great fun even blaming the friend's father for making these noises. This is the house where Natalie has her own toothbrush & bathing suit, so this is more like a "second dad" to her than anything, and he has been known to dish out a fair amount of teasing. She's loved accusing her daddy of this, though, honestly, it isn't like he needs any help.

Today the girls went to a place called, "Incredible Pizza Company." It's one of those kid friendly places where you play games & earn tickets to get free junk. You spend about $10 to get a 30 cent toy. It's that type place. Now, I've been there once before (as a guest, as the girls were today), and liked that it is a Christian owned & operated company and the cheap toys have "God loves you" and things on them. So, I fully expected the girls to come home with something along those lines. Natalie DID get a bracelet with "WWJD" on it. Then she got another item. She said, "Since you weren't here, and since you won't let me get one when you're with me, I got a whoopie cushion." Okay, first, why is it okay to get something I don't let her get when I'm not there? Second, I will wait & see what Daddy says. Third, she just called her Grandma Ruth to tell her about the parties & let her hear the cushion in action.

So, I'm thinking she is as much an expert on gas as anyone at this point. Anyone want to appoint Natalie to the position of Crisis Resolver?

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