Friday, October 17, 2008

Gone Phishing?

I'm not sure EXACTLY what phishing is, but I know it has to do with e-mail & website scams. I THINK that's what you call what happened to me last week. Someone was able to access my yahoo account and sent out a message to all my contacts saying I was stuck in England, had been robbed, had no cell phone, and needed money. The whole letter was so poorly composed that even if it had been about something remotely connected to my life the readers would have known it was not I who had written the letter. Yes, I did just say, "It was not I." And, yes, in real life I say, 'It wasn't me." But I figure in a sentence about proper composure I needed to say it correctly. LOL!

I could not get into my yahoo e-mail or groups. These clever souls changed my password. Today I finally found where I could change my password, which is far too easy, IMO, to do. Turns out there was an additional e-mail listed that is NOT one of mine. I deleted it, then changed my password AGAIN.

I'm still waiting to hear from Yahoo. I did have a generic e-mail in my yahoo e-mail telling me to change my password. I had given them my main e-mail address so they could e-mail me the info I needed. Obviously, the computer that "reads" the e-mail on yahoo's end didn't read my e-mail saying I couldn't get INTO my e-mail.

I am safe in the U.S., but wouldn't a trip to England be nice? If I go, I'll let you know!

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