Friday, June 20, 2008

"That was AWESOME!"

Yesterday we took some friends with us to Fiesta Texas (a Six Flags park). I'm hoping we can take more friends with us another time. Yesterday involved 2 trips to the park. First, the girls & I had to drive to Fiesta, enter the park, walk to the back of the park and pick up tickets for an evening concert (6 pm) because it was first come first served. As it was we got "lawn seats" outside the theater seating area. That was before 11 a.m. and the park had opened at 10:30! We went home, then went back with our friends around 4. It took us what seemed to be forever to find a parking place and we ended up parking farther than we have EVER parked there. Remember, we had already made this trek once in the day, when it was 'only' 91 out. By this time it had to have been nearly 100.

The friends had never been to the park, so we let them choose what things to do. First we went to the water park where the girls had a great time playing in the "Texas Tree House" and we moms were able to sit in the shade (I did get in the pool to cool off, which was just wonderful!). Then we headed to the concert. Did I mention it was 100? Our "lawn seats" ended up being in the full sunlight. My friend thought to mention umbrellas to me, so we each had one. Aly & AJ were the headliners. They are two sisters whose work I had only seen/heard on Disney channels. I'm sure the music would have been quite enjoyable, if we had any hearing left by the end of the concert. The speakers were SO loud that we couldn't even understand the words. At one point my friend put her hand on Bethany's back & could FEEL the drums. It was THAT loud!

After the concert, 3 of the girls (my 2 & one of the friends) wanted to ride the Roadrunner. Now, to a roller coaster aficionado this would seem a child's ride. To those of us who aren't quite up to that level (or shall we say who prefer terra firma to being plunged from the top of a hill), it takes a lot of gumption to get on this thing! Bethany is a pro at this ride. She knows it so well that when we pass the camera (you know, the one they have up there to try to get you go buy a souvenir photo), she looks up & smiles! Natalie had only been on this once when she was only about 5. She had not liked it at that time. Her friend had never been on a roller coaster, not even a kiddy coaster. This was a big leap of faith to try this. I kept watching their faces as we went along. At one point they both had their heads ducked together! When we got to the end, I wasn't sure if they were laughing, crying, or about to throw up. I asked the friend if she needed to throw up. She was speechless & held up a finger to signal, "Just a minute." She shook her head no, but I was waiting for it to happen, with the admonition to lean over the side! She caught her breath and in the most excited voice announced, "THAT WAS AWESOME!" I couldn't help but laugh & grin!

That's part one of our day. We need to go run an errand, so I'll have to share part 2 later. I will add that this old body has not walked THAT MUCH in a very long time. My legs are screaming at me today. I have said that if I don't lose weight with all this walking this summer, then I'm just doomed to not lose weight! More later.

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