Monday, June 23, 2008

Six Flags, part 2

Now to finish our trip to 6 flags. After the "Awesome" roller coaster ride, we all headed towards a water ride in the park, all the way in the back. It was closed. Then, the access across to the next section was closed already to prepare for the laser show. So we all hiked back around to the front & then towards the back on the OTHER side of the park. 3 of the girls wanted to ride the "log ride" but one was hesitant. She finally agreed to try it. The line was longer than I've ever seen it. After the long ride, we all got into the "log" and were on our merry way. We went over some little "drops" and the unsure one turned around to ask me, "Was that the BIG drop?" with a hint of hope in her voice. I told her, "No, those were little drops." Her mouth dropped open as she exclaimed, "WHAT????????" I so wish I'd had a camera! We finally hit the big drop. She had nothing pleasant to report about how that made her feel! When we got to the end, a park attendant asked, "Who was scared?" She raised her hand. He said, "Because I see some wet pants & I don't think that was water." The girls thought that was funny. We got off the ride and this child said, "I am NEVER doing that AGAIN!" What a difference in the 2 sisters! When she saw the picture (the ones that the parks take to try to get you to buy them---my friend did buy some as the facial expressions are priceless!), she said, "I have never had that look on my face before!" She made me laugh!

We then scooted over to the bumper cars. Apparently I have some anger issues I haven't dealt with as I was hitting other cars with quite a vengeance! The girls enjoyed that, but we weren't able to ride anything else as the rides were all closing. We walked to the area where the laser show & fireworks are. The show was really good and fireworks just amazing.

That is about all for our trip to Fiesta Texas. Now you can all sleep well knowing you've heard the rest of the story!

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