Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And you thought AFRICA was dangerous

When we were preparing to go to Africa in the 90's, before kids, we were asked these questions, "Aren't you scared? Isn't it dangerous? Will you have kids there? Will you come home when you have kids?" People were concerned for our safety. We did live in Zaire during the Ebola outbreak in 1995. Phil flew right over the village of Kikwit when news of Ebola was breaking. God brought him safely back to our village. We had a snake in the house once, but someone took care of it. We had a snake fall out of tree during church. Now how many of you can say THAT? LOL! We saw diseases easily prevented & cured here in the U.S. that affected people. Yes, it was a dangerous place to live, but less dangerous than outside the will of God. That's the spiritual input for today.

Now the mom freaking out input. Bethany went outside to get something in the backyard and found a snake! YES, a snake. "And it wasn't just a regular green snake Mom, it had leopard spots!" Phil arrived home at the same time as this happened, so he went out & found the snake was dead already & threw it away. I went out & looked. Baby Diamond Back Rattlesnake. The deadly poisonous kind. Yeah, Africa was dangerous, but Texas is WAY dangerous!


Anonymous said...

Scawwy vewwy scawwy!!

Your Biggest Fan said...

Why do YOU get to have all of the fun?!