Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bethany started something new today

It's true, she did. Now let me present it the way we did to her Daddy. I've been telling him that she is almost 12 and every time she cries over nothing, I explain that's just the way girls that age are. He doesn't get it. He's never been a 12 year old girl. He's never had a sister. This is all like living in a foreign culture to him. So, we decided to use this to our advantage tonight.

At supper, I asked her, "Bethany, do you want to tell Daddy something?"
Bethany, "Daddy, I started something today."
Daddy, nonchalantly, half-listening as dads are wont to do at mealtime, "Oh. You started something?" and continued eating.
Bethany, "Yes. I started something today."
I interjected, "She started something that Mommy does, too."
At that point his eyes got REALLY big and I knew our little plan had worked.
Bethany, "Yes. I started a GLUTEN-FREE DIET today!"

The look on his face was priceless. He didn't know if he should be mad or laugh at us! Bethany added, "I didn't lie! I told you I started something today!" LOL!!!

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Stephanie said...

Ok, I am CRACKING UP!! That was a GOOD one, girls! I'm surprised Daddy didn't choke on his dinner.