Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot Time Summer in the City

That old song came to mind Friday night. Yes, I know I didn't finish our 6 flags excursion story, but want to tell you about God's protection over us on Friday. We spent the day running around looking for fairy wings for Natalie to wear to a party, washing clothes, and packing for a weekend Family Reunion. Phil loaded the van then went ahead & left for his mom's house. We waited for clothes to dry and were to leave as soon as I had things ready to take with us.

About 8:30 I was here at my desk, Bethany was in her room, and Natalie was watching TV. Natalie had asked to light a candle. She's done that before and is usually really careful. Suddenly she started screaming, "FIRE!!! MOMMY THERE'S A FIRE!!!" I ran out to the living room and found a straw cinnamon broom (the decorative type) on fire, plus a few other items on top of the mantle. Our mantle is wood. I told Natalie to open the front door & I carried the broom outside to the porch (cement on the floor). I had her spray that down. I told Bethany to get me some water while I blew out some small fires. We have a fire extinguisher, and I knew where it HAD been, but I had not seen it in many months. Obviously, I would have grabbed that first. Bethany brought me water and I doused what was still burning.

There was very minimal damage: some melted cassette tapes that the girls had listened to as little girls, a hat I made Bethany when she was a baby & some other small items. Praise God the mantle never caught.

After it was over, I asked if they knew where the extinguisher was. Bethany said, "I think I do." We opened the garage door. It HAD been right by the door, but somehow had been moved. Bethany looked past the door & sure enough, there it was, covered with stuff & pushed out of the way. It has regained it's rightful position.

By the time this was all over, and after talking to Phil then going to get more Febreeze spray, we didn't leave here til around 11:30 pm. All's well that ends well, but it was pretty scary before it ended!

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