Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Cleaning Day

There is no rest for the wicked....or for a mom with a throat infection. Natalie & I both saw the P.A. on Thursday & she said, yes, we did have throat infections. Natalie's doing much better, and I am better than I was. Not sure I should have done all I did today, though. Phil deemed this cleaning day, which was fine (as we always need it & it's SO much easier when he's participating in this). First, though, the girls had a birthday party. I napped while they were there, then went to pick them up. I brought home 2 of the neighbor girls. Before their mom left, the girls were asking if they could play. We BOTH said, "NO, you have to clean!" I love it when there are mom enforcers around!

I have been in the living room trying to go through piles & piles of STUFF. I've thrown out a lot. I wrote about purging the house & how much I like throwing things out, or finding things to sell on ebay! Then we just tossed the rest into boxes. We want to get things UP off the floor, so Phil said to go ahead & dump into boxes & sort later. I did put my stamping stuff away & then put any extraneous Pampered Chef stuff into a plastic box with a lid.

After we were done the girls were SO ready to play. They called their friends & discovered they were still cleaning! Bwahahahaha! When the friends were finally ready they came here. The 11 year old looked in and said, "It's so clean! It looks like it does on Bethany's birthday!" Later she came in and said, "I can step on the floor," then sat on the carpet & said, "I can sit on the floor," then lied down on it & said, "I can LIE DOWN ON THE FLOOR!" I picked up a new package of PC spoons & told her if she didn't stop I was going to spank her! YES, I was kidding.

Since my dad reads my blog, I thought he'd get a kick out of this. Phil also mowed the grass and vacuumed what he could. There's still a lot to do but THIS week isn't so full, thankfully!

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Anonymous said...

Had not read your blog for awhile but caught up this morning . Glad you can see your floor and have a clean yard . Things are looking up .. dad