Saturday, November 10, 2007

A whirlwind of activity

I am ready to find some storm gear because I feel a whirlwind approaching. This is what is happening and needs to happen in the next 2+ weeks.
This weekend & Monday:
  • finish working on Flower Girl dresses for the girls for Becky's wedding.
  • Shop for groceries and other items for co-op classes on Tuesday.
  • Help the girls learn their AWANA verses that we have not learned this week.
  • Be sure Bethany does some of her homework for her co-op classes.
  • Pack for co-op
  • Contact people about December Pampered Chef shows
  • Try to get Phil well, because he has bronchitis & keep us well
  • Get haircuts! All 3 girls need haircuts.
  • More stuff I can't think of right now
  • Co-op. This is an all day affair. We are making pies in Middle School cooking and doing things in American Girls that I can't even remember right now.
  • Pack my PC gear for a show in New Braunfels on Wednesday.
  • Get things ready for the girls to go to a cool Corn "Maize" (maze made of corn stalks) with friends on Wed. while I have a PC show.
  • Get everyone to bed on time
  • Get everyone up on time!!! Major feat here
  • Leave our house by 9:15 to drop off kids at a friend's house.
  • Drive to New Braunfels & pick up my mom.
  • Go to my PC show.
  • Drop Mom off at her house after the show.
  • Pick up girls.
  • Unload all PC stuff.
  • Begin cleaning the house.
  • Make sure Phil is packed because he leaves for Temple, Texas this night. His dad has an appointment with a doctor who will put a stint into him on Thursday for his clogged arteries.
  • Work on dresses if need be.
  • Phil's dad has the surgery to put the stint in at 9 a.m. (or when the dr. can get to him). I am debating about going, but think I need to stay here for the following things.
  • Begin cleaning the house for Natalie's birthday party on Saturday. This is not just a "dust and mop" kind of cleaning. We live in a 1070 sq. ft. house. We own enough stuff for a bigger home. This is a find a place to store things while we have a party kind of cleaning.
    It is an all day for 2 days affair.
  • Go grocery shopping for things we need for Natalie's party.
  • Work on dresses more.
  • Continue cleaning.
  • Make cake and whatever other foods need to be made.
  • Get the house ready for a party.
  • prevent Bethany from dragging things out when we have the house clean or trying to start new craft projects.
  • Get really ready for a party.
  • Feed the family so we don't just eat cake (except me, who gets no cake---wah!)
  • Church
  • Final countdown to the wedding---am I still going to be working on the dresses?
  • Make pies for Thanksgiving & food for me to eat (I have to make separate almost everything for the meal).
  • Start setting out things to pack for the wedding.
  • PC show Tuesday night
  • Decide if we are going to drive on Friday to Houston & miss the A&M game, or find a hotel room for Thursday night & leave after the meal on Thursday to go to Houston & be there for the game.
  • Find a dress for Lori to wear to the wedding. Lori is very fat & doesn't fit into anything that could even possibly be used for a wedding. Lori needs something cheap and big and pretty. Does it exist?
  • For a few short hours enjoy eating & relaxing. Til the dishes are ready to be washed. My brother & sister-in-law normally do that part. They have a daughter getting married this year, so I suspect my hands will be getting soapy!
  • Drive to Houston? Drive home? What will we do?
  • A&M plays t.u. This is the same game that Phil was worried about missing when I went into labor with Natalie 9 years ago.
  • Drive to Houston?
  • Rehearsal for the wedding. The girls are 2 of 6 flower girls. Will Bethany walk or balk?
  • Try to find something on the continental breakfast bar that is gluten free. Note to self: pack gf foods to take.
  • Piddle around curling hair & doing nails til it's time to go to the church.
  • Try to find a church we will have been to only once the night before in the middle of Houston.
  • Pray that Bethany will walk down the aisle with Katie (her cousin-in-law).
  • Try to enjoy the wedding.
  • Go to a reception to drool over gluten foods & hope they have some fruit or something on hand. Note to self: take food to the reception (will it fit in a small handbag?)
  • Brunch at my brother's house.
  • Drive home? Drive to Temple? If all goes well with this stint, then Bill will have surgery on the 26th to remove: a) the tumor b) part of the bladder or c) if necessary, the bladder
  • Bill has surgery---do we stay in Temple? Drive home?
  • Prepare for co-op---for a sub? for myself? Will Phil stay there & I come home?
  • Natalie's Birthday---the OFFICIAL birthday when she turns 9
  • Co-op
I'll stop there. I had great ambitions of making fall/Thanksgiving cards. I have some parts of cards made. Is it too late to send fall cards AFTER Thanksgiving? When did life sneak up & smack me? When does it slow down? When do I do all the homeschooling I need to do? Why didn't the doctors and my niece consult ME before scheduling all of this? LOL!!! It will all come together. Really, it will. I think.

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