Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and men.....

Often go awry. Today I washed Pampered Chef tools and reloaded them. I labeled new catalogs that arrived just today. I drove to the ink store to get new cartridges so I could print the recipes I'd be making at my show. I found an apron I hadn't worn in awhile. I made sure I had my PC towel and some other clothes washed & dried. We were to leave at 5:00 or so. About 4:45, I decided to use my albuterol as my breathing has been shallow. Within a minute, my stomach began hurting and I got light headed. I finally started feeling better & loaded up the car. We drove off and before we were even out of the neighborhood, my tummy was hurting. By the time we turned onto a main road, I got light headed. I turned around & went home. I had to call Phil to tell him I would not be dropping off the girls. Then I talked to my host & asked if she wanted to postpone, make it a catalog show, or if she wanted me to try to find another consultant to do the show. She chose that one. So, I got on the phone. One of my consultants who lives near her was sick, also. I called the other one that lives near her & she was able to find someone to watch the kids & do the show! YEA! God is so good! My friend told me this was an answer to prayer as she needed some business this month!

My tummy got to feeling worse at home. I definitely made the right choice. I spent some time lying on the couch. I've been up doing some things, but am not feeling super great. I MUST stay well as we have Thanksgiving in 2 days & a WEDDING on Saturday! I need to get to bed to get a good night's sleep.

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