Monday, November 5, 2007

Just postin' to post

One of my friends told me that if she's going to have me in her favorites, I'm supposed to blog daily. But I talk to her so much that I figure she already knows anything that is blog worthy!

So, I am blogging to say that I am very tired. My older child is still up. My hubby is on the verge of bronchitis & my throat is hurting on & off. OH, and I had maggots in my sink today. How disgusting is THAT! I about threw up & you know I don't do throw up, even my own. I flushed 'em all down the drain & ran the disposal. I'm wondering if fruit flies got into the disposal & laid eggs. I feel like I might throw up still. ICK!!!!

There is my short, not so sweet, blog! Good night!

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