Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finished with dresses?

I just looked at the list I typed last week. I wanted to be done with dresses by today. HA! That is pretty funny! The dresses just need some hand sewing. But I have little bolero jackets to make up for the girls to wear.

Natalie's party was fun. She had a smaller group than in the past (we try to include so many that it's overflowing in our tiny house). The girls seemed to have a good time. There was drizzle outside & a very wet yard (though it quickly went away & we had no significant rainfall), so we had to do a pinata inside. The new pinatas have magic ribbons & one of them pulls open the pinata. Natalie said it was pretty boring, but Phil didn't want to let them swing a stick while he held the pinata. Go figure!

We had 2 sleepover guests. All kids were up late, so parents were up later. During the night my mattress (an air mattress in a waterbed frame) deflated. I was so tired & was quite the sight trying to hoist my fat body over the edge of the waterbed frame! Phil is testing it tonight to see if it's the mattress leaking or the valve where the pump stays in. I hope for sleep tonight!

I think I will call it a night & do my sewing tomorrow.

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