Thursday, November 1, 2007

Update on Phil's Dad

This is the note Phil's mom just sent out. GREAT NEWS!!!

Yesterday was quite eventful! We met with the cardiovascular surgeon first and his report was that he would prefer to do a stint in Bill's clogged artery, rather than surgery, because of his blood and platlet situation and a stint is not as invasive nor as difficult to recuperate, nor the danger of a blood clot, etc. And he doesn't have to get off his blood thinners. Also, from the tests last week, his heart beat is slower and not pumping blood as fast as it should, which indicates maybe some heart disease, so now he wants an ecogram(?), another x-ray, a stress test and a new lab report. This will be done before the surgery/stint procedure. He will discuss all of this with the oncologist before doing anything.
We then met with the oncologist who was amazed how good Bill looked from the last time he saw him! Thanks to God and all of you and your faithfullness in prayer! He briefly spoke with the vascular surgeon while we were there. He agrees with his recommendations. The oncologist then did a camera scan of Bill's bladder and we saw the results later. The tumor is dying, so that is very good! He thinks he can do some surgery now on the bladder in a couple of weeks after the stint procedure. He hopes he can remove the tumor, but if not, hopefully just a portion of the bladder. As a last resort, he could remove the bladder.
Our schedule is back to Temple on Monday, the 12th for the above tests. Then on Thursday the 15th, if all is okay, he will do the stint procedure. If all goes well, then on the 26th the oncologist will do his procedure. Yea! no Temple trips next week!!
Thank you all for your prayers!!

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