Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What season is it again?

We had the hottest summer ever, so it was the best surprise that on the first day of fall, we had a cold front! Mind you, a cold front here is more like a cool front, but to US it was a cold front. It also brought rain! The temps never went back up to the high 90's after that. This past weekend we had a serious cold front for this time of year. We had a day when the temperature never rose above 59! While you may think, "Yes, this IS fall, that IS fall weather," if you live in South Texas you see those numbers and think it's the dead of winter. I rather enjoyed that change!

I just looked at the forecast. Today we should reach about 80. By Thursday they are forecasting 90! Then on Friday a high of 74.

My husband and I once saw a show talking about the advances made in the field of weather forecasting over the past 40 years. The narrator ended the show by saying, "Forty years ago we could not accurately predict the forecast. Today, with all the modern tools and technology to help us, we still can't." LOL!

My girls & I did see something that made us wonder not only what season it was but where we might be. One "blinking" sign with the time & temp said it was -196. Farenheit or Celsius, that's just a tad too cold for this Texas gal!

Hope you enjoy your week, wherever you live and whatever weather you are having.

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