Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pampered Chef Clearance Items

I'm trying to clear out some space in my house & am selling quite a bit of my Pampered Chef items. If you are interested, let me know ASAP. I'll be putting most of it out in a garage sale this weekend, but will hold back any items you claim. Prices do NOT include shipping, so we can figure that in based on what you get. You can e-mail me or just leave a comment with your e-mail address or other form of contact. The "price if bought new" is missing on some b/c they are older items & I have no idea what the new price was, other than it was higher than this! LOL! I don't have any pictures right now, but you can see some of the general design of the items at my PC website . Thanks!

Price if bought new Your Cost
Brand New Items:

Oven Pad 10.5 6

Windowpane Placemats White with cranberry stripes (2) 19.5 12

Display only BBQ Grill Basket 26.5 17
Display only Party Sticks (one holds a bottle, 6 for drinks) 39 20

Used Avocado Peeler (old style handle) 6 3

3-Way Tongs (plastic salad tongs/fork/spoon)

Bamboo Spoon Set (new style) 9.5 4

Bamboo Spoon Set (old style) 9.5 4

Cake Stencils

Caraffe (old style off white color)

Cheese Knife (old style handle) 9.25 4

Chef's Knife in Sharpening Case (old style, case is broken but will still sharpen, just will not keep knife tightly in the case) 32 8

Chillzanne Cooler (small "ice chest" with freezable pieces; can configure pieces to hold bottles & more)

Crinkle Cutter (old style) 10.5 4

Easy Accent Decorator (old style) 19.5 8

Forged Paring Knife 29 15

Help Whip Cancer Clips (set of 2)

Julienne peeler 9.5 4

Large Bamboo Tongs (old style, not the flip over ones we have now)

Large Scoop 14.5 5

Microfiber towel and washcloth---Lavendar 8.5 5

Nylon Pasta Spoon

Nylon Spatula

Oil Dipping Set (Bottle with 3 dipping bowls)

Orange Classic Scraper 11.5 5

Pastry Blender (old style)

Pink Lemon Aide

Plastic Lid for Deep Dish Baker

Plastic Lid for Rectangular Baker

Scoop Clip 5 2

Serrated Peeler 7.5 3

Simple Additions Long Rectangles (about 1.5" wide, 1 is length of tray, 2 others are half-length of tray)

Simple Additions Long Platter ARTICHOKE 29 15

Simple Additions Long Tray STRIPES 29 15

Simple Additions Small Bowl TILES 8 5

Simple Additions Square White Coffee Cups (2)

Simple Additons Small Bowls and Mini Squares (Cranberry, Eggplant, mustard)

Slice & Serve (old style handle) 7.5 3

Small Scoop 12.5 4

Spreader with Mustard Color Ceramic Handle

Stoneware Deep Dish Baking Bowl--a bowl shaped piece of stoneware that fits with the Deep Dish Baker (round 11" stone). You can use it as a lid if you are baking in the DD Baker, or as a bowl and use the DD Baker as the lid to create your own clay baker.

Stoneware Mini Baking Bowl Same as above but fits the round mini-baker

Stoneware Mini-Baker---Vanilla 24 15

Stoneware Rectangular Lid/Bowl (as above, but fits rectangular baker; this is larger than the rectangular baker and is great for doing a small turkey or a deep dish casserole)

Stoneware Small Oval Baker---Vanilla

Tiles Table Runner

Vegetable Peeler 6.5 3

Wine Bottle Opener (old style)

Woven Selections Large Round Basket with wood bottom

Woven Selections Long Rectangle Basket with wood bottom

Yellow Classic Scraper 11.5 5

Cutting Board (old style) medium size 17 6

Ice Cream Dipper 14.75 5

Nylon Small spatula

Well used Pastry Brush (old style, boar's hair bristles)

Small Round Stone (size of a dinner plate, well seasoned)


Karen said...

How would I go about getting one of the items you have posted? I am interested in the 9x13 plastic cover.

Julie said...

How would I get one of the items you have posted? Do you still have these items?

Chef Mama Lori said...

Julie, I have a few things. What were you wanting?