Saturday, October 17, 2009

The "Garbage" Sale is over! LOL! I started calling it that this week. Then I decided if I wanted to be politically correct (as if I worry about that often) I'd call it "Recycle Sale." What's left of the Pampered Chef items is listed below. I found a way to put the prices. Some of the descriptions may be cut off, though. If so, you can see those at the last post. I'll put these on Craig's List probably on Wednesday or Thursday, so let me know if you are interested in any of this by then. These prices don't include any shipping costs, so that would be added on.

Your Cost

Brand New Items:
6 Oven Pad
12 Windowpane Placemats White with cranberry stripes (2)

Display only
17 BBQ Grill Basket

3 Avocado Peeler (old style handle)
3 3-Way Tongs (plastic salad tongs/fork/spoon)
4 Bamboo Spoon Set (old style)
4 Cheese Knife (old style handle)
8 Chef's Knife in Sharpening Case (old style, case is broken but will still sharpen, just will not keep knife tightly in the case)
15 Chillzanne Cooler (small "ice chest" with freezable pieces; can configure pieces to hold bottles & more)
4 Crinkle Cutter (old style)

15 Forged Paring Knife
3 Help Whip Cancer Clips (set of 2)
3 Large Bamboo Tongs (old style, not the flip over ones we have now)
5 Large Scoop
5 Microfiber towel and washcloth---Lavendar
3 Nylon Pasta Spoon
3 Nylon Spatula
15 Oil Dipping Set (Bottle with 3 dipping bowls)
5 Orange Classic Scraper
5 Pastry Blender (old style)
2 Pink Lemon Aide
6 Plastic Lid for Deep Dish Baker
6 Plastic Lid for Rectangular Baker
2 Scoop Clip
8 Simple Additions Long Rectangles (about 1.5" wide, 1 is length of tray, 2 others are half-length of tray)
15 Simple Additions Long Platter ARTICHOKE
15 Simple Additions Long Tray STRIPES
5 Simple Additions Small Bowl TILES
10 Simple Additions Square White Coffee Cups (2)
20 Simple Additons Small Bowls and Mini Squares (Cranberry, Eggplant, mustard)
4 Small Scoop
3 Spreader with Mustard Color Ceramic Handle
12 Stoneware Deep Dish Baking Bowl--a bowl shaped piece of stoneware that fits with the Deep Dish Baker (round 11" stone). You can use it as a lid if you are baking in the DD Baker, or as a bowl and use the DD Baker as the lid to create your own clay baker.
10 Stoneware Mini Baking Bowl Same as above but fits the round mini-baker
15 Stoneware Mini-Baker---Vanilla
25 Stoneware Rectangular Lid/Bowl (as above, but fits rectangular baker; this is larger than the rectangular baker and is great for doing a small turkey or a deep dish casserole)
10 Stoneware Small Oval Baker---Vanilla
6 Tiles Table Runner
8 Wine Bottle Opener (old style)
15 Woven Selections Large Round Basket with wood bottom
12 Woven Selections Long Rectangle Basket with wood bottom
5 Yellow Classic Scraper
6 Cutting Board (old style) medium size

Well used
2 Pastry Brush (old style, boar's hair bristles)
7 Small Round Stone (size of a dinner plate, well seasoned)

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