Sunday, October 18, 2009

Got Aloe?

To my faithful followers, all 2 of you (ha, ha!), you might remember when I posted about our incredibly long spell of days with 100 plus temps. Can you believe we went the whole summer with no sunburns? The girls did get sunburned in MARCH when they went to the beach with some friends, but all summer, when it was hotter than blazes, nothing, nada, nil. That is a GOOD, no, a GREAT thing! We (the girls & I) are so fair that we tend to burn quite rapidly. We kept the sunscreen on when we did go out, but we didn't go into the sun much this summer.

Well, fast forward to October and our first week with nice cool temps. I had a garage sale. The morning it started, it was overcast and cool. Perfect garage sale weather. Gradually the clouds departed and the sun shone. Gradually my driveway, which faces southwest, ran out of shade. Gradually, my face was getting pinker and pinker, but I didn't know it. Natalie's face also turned pink, but she was gone for a few hours, so she didn't get the brunt of it.

Who gets their only sunburn in years in OCTOBER? A dork named Lori, that's who! I did not leave the house today. I woke up at 6 hurting so badly, took some ibuprofen & managed to sleep some more. I even asked Phil to go to the store. He does NOT do shopping if at all possible. My sweet neighbor Janie has an aloe vera plant, so I've used that to put on my sunburn, but I asked Phil to get me some lotion with aloe in it. He came close. He got me the aloe gel. I wonder if I mix it with lotion if it won't be so sticky (I wanted lotion to avoid the stickiness & itchiness). My friend Kathy has used milk of magnesia on sunburn, but I think we are out of that, too. Can you say DORK, DORK, DORK??? Good grief Charlie Brown!

I am SO thankful for beautiful weather. I hope I don't sound ungrateful for a beautiful sunny day with mild temperatures. I'm just kicking myself for not even THINKING about sunscreen or a hat. And I am going to humiliate myself and show you pictures of me, hair unbrushed (you can see my curls when it's not brushed) and mulitple chins I seem to have. Let this be a reminder to wear sunscreen even in the fall! At least it's a reminder to me.

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