Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another update on Phil's Dad

This week Phil's dad went to the VA Hospital in Austin for bloodwork so they could approve all his prescriptions. They found out that he had low sodium. I had never heard of anyone having low sodium, but the doctors were very concerned. The next day he went to his local doctor who did bloodwork to check the sodium level. I guess since they deal with 2 different systems they have to have separate labs done. His level went from 125 to 135 from Wed. to Thursday. That, or the lab results were off one day. He goes back for bloodwork on Monday. If the sodium has improved, then they will let him just continue as is. If not, they will discuss options for raising this.

Thursday night I talked to one of my customers who is a nurse & a wealth of knowledge. When I told her that he had low sodium, she said, "The chemo will cause that." Then when I told her he had been acting confused, she said that is what low sodium can do. She said they have to raise it VERY slowly or it can cause irreparable brain damage. Then, today, Phil's mom told us that her sister in law was in the hospital this week because of low sodium, too! Phil & I both said we has no idea sodium could affect you that much. Guess there was a reason Pop Bill (what the girls call Phil's dad) always liked to add salt to food!

Hopefully this will self-correct. If not, we'll find out what the next step is. Thanks for continuing to pray.

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