Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Wedding

I realize I have not posted about the wedding. We arrived at the church at 3:30 for 4:00 pictures. I think it was after 4:00 when we started taking pictures. The groom was not there yet. That was a bit unnerving & everyone was saying, "Don't tell Becky!" She was so nervous. She was absolutely gorgeous, but very much concerned about time. She kept telling the photographer, "Skip that picture, we'll do it later with him here." Finally, after all the necessary, "With the Bride" shots were taken, then they whisked her back to the bride's room and everyone relaxed! LOL! Chris was there by then & all the pictures were taken with him. Then, the whole wedding party left the sanctuary. My heart kind of flip-flopped (maybe that was my stomach; what was in that omelette I ate? ha, ha!) as the flower girls left the room. Everyone was taking care of themselves, and I was afraid Bethany would not go up with the girls. I asked one of the bridesmaids whom Bethany knew to please take her with her upstairs. Then we sat & waited. And waited. And waited. I went for water & came back. By then they were starting to seat people. I saw my ex-sister-in-law's brother & his family. We were both teenagers when Becky & Nils were born. In fact, he & a friend of mine & I were at Astroworld (a theme park) while Nils was born! Then we sat & waited some more. And some more. Finally, the groom walked in. He stood there alone while all the flower girls came in, each with a bridesmaid. First came Natalie and her partner. Next it was time for Bethany to come with Katie. I wasn't sure she would do it. I'm sure I held my breath. When they came through the door & she walked all the way down the aisle with Katie, I started crying. I think I was relieved! 3 years ago at Katie's wedding to Nils, Bethany had chickened out & stayed in the back with Grandma (Phil's mom). The song that was sung while the bridesmaids & flowergirls walked in was a song called, "How Beautiful." It was a BEAUTIFUL version because it was sung by my lovely sister-in-law, Robin! How cool to sing at your own step-daughter's wedding! When Greg & Becky came in I was still crying, but they looked like they were about to burst out laughing.

The service was very nice & God-honoring. They asked all the parents to come up to the front, and all the wedding party gathered around Chris & Becky while they had a time of prayer led by my brother (Greg) and closed by Chris' mom, Tammy. Then they lit the unity candle & the pastor finished the service.

The remaining shots were taken (um, pictures, not gunshots, it wasn't THAT kind of wedding!), and we proceeded to the Majestic Metro Theater, which is now used for events like this. After we parked, I looked & realized my purse was missing. It was back in the church. I thought Phil was getting it when he picked up the camera & other things in there, but he didn't see it. SO, my dad & Phil drove BACK to the church after trying to reach Nils to see if they would bring it, but couldn't reach him. They got there & no purse was to be found. So, they called Nils again & got an answer this time. They had my purse! The purse itself was a non-issue, but I really kind of need my driver's license & checkbook!

The reception was interesting. The dance floor was a stage in the front, but just raised about a foot, with a second area, about a foot higher behind that. The bride & groom danced, the wedding party danced, kids danced, old people danced. FINALLY the father-daughter dance came (we were staying to see Greg dance with Becky. Greg doesn't dance.). Greg had learned how to do a waltz just for this event. The music was not in 3/4 time; NOT waltzing music! He did a great job despite that. Jan, Becky's mom, came up at one point & said, "I never unbustled her train!" She said she went to bustle it up for the dance & they realized it had never been unbustled. She felt so badly, but Becky was in heaven & really didn't care if she even had a bustle or a train!

They left the next day for a week in St. Lucia. They should be home tonight, I guess, or tomorrow. Life will be interesting for these 2 very strong-willed people who love the Lord with all their hearts, minds & souls, but who like to be right. Always. Much prayer will surely get them through these first years of marriage!

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