Thursday, December 6, 2007

We go together like......

It's been many years since I first watched the movie "Grease," but the songs from that movie are forever etched into my brain. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad, but it's a fact of life. Natalie's dance class at our co-op is going to be dancing to the song from Grease called, "We Go Together." It's the one with all the ramalamalama's & kadinkybom's or something! For some STRANGE reason, I told another mom that I thought she & I could whip out poodle skirts for everyone. And, really, they are easy to make. So, I am up to my elbows in felt in a rainbow of colors. It was easy to find the colors for most the girls: pink, red, royal blue. But MY child and one of her best friends wanted TURQUOISE or TEAL felt. I've been to 4 fabric stores and have called any that I could think of. You can't buy those colors in felt in the stores! I did look online and could have bought some "peacock" if I hadn't had a pea brain & waited til the last minute to try to whip these together! So, being the brilliant woman that I am (ahem), I decided I could MAKE teal felt if I bought some Rit dye. I now have 3 yards of white felt in the washer with dye soaking into it. I hope this works!

In the meantime, my fingers look like they are frostbitten. I should go see if Natalie has any blue nail polish & just cover the nails with that. But the semi-dead look of the fingers is a bit unnerving.

Hopefully I will have poodle skirt pictures to show off soon!

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BethH said...

Well, I hope you aren't feeling BLUE today, Miss Lori? Wonder if there will be a BLUE moon out tonight? Would you like some Blu Cheese Dressing with that salad?

Yes, I'm a dork.....proud of it! LOL! I'm sure the poodle skirts will be just BLUEtiful! Can't wait to see them!!