Thursday, December 6, 2007

Surgery scheduled

New update: Surgery is rescheduled for Jan. 8th.

Today Bill had doctor appointments in Temple, Texas. Phil went with his parents to these appointments. He saw the doctor for the stint he had put in his neck a few weeks ago. He has gone from almost total blockage to almost total capacity blood flow! That is great news! Then they saw the urology surgeon who was very happy to see how well Bill has responded to the treatments. They have scheduled surgery for December 17th! The doctor said he will need to remove part of the bladder, but does not want to remove all of it. He will also remove some lymph nodes that were housing cancer cells. They didn't find out any more about his sodium level or some other issues he's been having. However, Phil said that his dad seemed more alert today, so hopefully his sodium is on the rise. They had to go to a few different locations to set up the surgery and get things done that needed to be done. I'm sure they were glad to be back home tonight! Phil will be back here tomorrow. Thanks for continuing to pray for Bill and Ruth.

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