Monday, June 1, 2009

Honey, We're Hooooooome!

Just a quick post to say we are HOME! We are in our "new" house and out of our old one. We finished doing all we needed to do there about 9 p.m. last night. Phew. I have a sinking fear that they will find fault with our clean up job, or we will have missed some big thing and not get our deposit back. However, we did the best we could and have the paint splats and lack of fingernails to prove it! LOL!

I'll try to get pictures soon to show you. The girls room is just so "tweenager" looking. It's perfect for them. The bedspreads Mammaw (my mom) bought them look like they were designed with the walls in mind. It is odd having 2 single beds rather than bunks, but it's such a cute room. And let me tell you, standing in their old empty room we realized how TINY it really is. I feel like a plant that was in a too small pot and has been replanted in a great big planter.

On the down side, I woke up sick today. I can't find my bottle of ibuprofen. I need to have Phil look in the car to see if it fell out. I had big plans to work today but spent most the day in bed.

My computer is still on the blitz. I NEED to get a Pampered Chef letter out so I need to see how to download addresses & import them to my webmail. I'm able to use either Phil's or the girls' computer, so I can get my daily "fix".

Pictures coming this week.....I hope!


Traci M said...

Hi Lori, nice to see you "home!!" Congratulations on your new house and I love the plant analogy! May you bloom and thrive and grow in your new home! Hugs, Traci

LisaMarie said...

Hello I have to say I saw you on SCS and have read every blog post you have written. I must say I have enjoyed it and almost cried at times. I just wanted to let you know you have a new blog reader. I hope you post soon. It is weird being done with all of them and current. I wanted you to know that you and I have different religious and political views but I so do enjoy your blogs.