Friday, June 26, 2009

Sneak Peek at our "New" Home

We are still up to our ears in boxes. Hmmm, maybe just up to our waists now. I took a few pictures of our upstairs recently. Since then I have almost finished painting the master bedroom, have half the craft room painted with shelves up on one wall, and have added details to the girls' room. I LOVE their room. It is the perfect all-girl room for their ages (10 1/2 & nearly 13). I'll add pics when I get finished painting & have things a tad more organized. The downstairs, well, it may take more time before it's blog-able!

This is where the royalty sleep: The Princess and the Queen (DRAMA Queen that is)

This is where the staff live, uh, I mean our bedroom/office. The room is 15 1/2 ft. x 15 1/2 ft. I love it!

This is the first part of our Energizer Bunny closet (to which everyone replies either "WOW" or "I'm so jealous!"). I didn't show the bathroom because it's so small if you blinked for a second you might miss it.

The closet that keeps going...

and going...

and going. It's 70 sq. ft. of closet. Our bedrooms weren't that big at our other house, I'm sure!

!The craft room in transition.

This concludes our tour for today. Be sure to join us again for another look at the Garrisons ever changing home. (hee-hee!)

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