Friday, June 19, 2009

What is up with kids' movies?

Paul Blart Mall Cop. Well, maybe not a KIDS' movie, but a PG movie with previews shown on kids' TV. We first saw the preview at the movies when we went to see HSM3 (High School Musical). It looked like a cute movie about a Mall Security guard who wants to be a police officer. Finally, there is some big theft at the mall & he comes face to face with real criminals. The ads made it look hilarious with lots of slapstick humor. Not so.

Within the first 15 minutes:
  • Mockery of being overweight
  • Grandmother setting up her son on an online dating sort & "beefing up" his resume (lying)
  • Dad (the Mall Cop, Paul) fixating on a young blonde girl (he looks to be mid 40's, she about 20)
  • words with a sexual insinuation
  • Women in Victoria's secret fighting over a push-up bra
  • large woman attacking Paul, showing her back with shirt lifted & just bra showing
  • Paul flirting with the blonde girl when he is supposed to be working.
  • Another mall employee mocking Paul's weight in front of blonde girl
  • Paul taking girl on a ride on his Segway, a VERY small scooter where they were in VERY close contact.
  • curse words
I left to go upstairs to see who the cute girl was playing the part. I assumed this part would end and it would move on to the funny stuff we saw in the ads. Moments later Natalie came up to tell me they'd stopped the movie b/c they guy went to a bar and got drunk.

Okay, so that may all be typical stuff for a Hollywood movie (though I personally don't enjoy watching it), but why promote it to kids?

This summer I'm in a Bible Study using a book called "The Five Conversations you must have with your Daughter." Maybe it's due to that, but maybe not, that I am picking up on more of Hollywood's balogna that they are tossing out to our kids. Let kids be kids! Don't force all this garbage on them.

Stepping off my soapbox, but not too far away. I'm sure I will find more to talk about soon. LOL!

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