Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family ties

If you are in a family where there has been a divorce, you have likely experienced a wedding or other event where the WHOLE family is there. I thought I'd add a bit of family tree-ism here before sharing about the baby shower we just had for my nephew & niece-in-law.

When my brother was a college student, he worked at J.C. Penney. There he met some twin ladies. They introduced him to their cousin, Jan. Greg and Jan got married, had a baby (Nils, my nephew) one year later, and another (Becky, my niece) 2 years after that. When Becky was about 6 mos. old they separated. Since Greg knew the twins before Jan, they were his friends and supported him through this divorce and later they would end up in church with Greg & his 2nd wife, Robin. Jan's parents also were very supportive of Greg, so they always maintained a good relationship with him. Jan's dad died several years ago and her mom remarried.

So, this is how the modern Brady Bunch family baby shower worked:
The shower was given by Becky, her mom Jan, and her step-mom Robin, at Greg & Robin's house. Guests included Jan's mom & step dad, Jan's cousin (one of the twins) and both the twins' daughters, who are close to Becky. Then we had Greg's mom (my mom), me (his sister), my kids, and our Aunt Bobbie (whose late husband, Uncle John, had married Greg & Jan). Nils' wife, Katie, had her parents & sister there, and her Poppaw. Usually, Robin's parents & brother's family would also have been there, but her mom is convalescing after a broken bone recently. As far as I could tell, everyone got along well. I enjoy talking to Jan and catching up on her life, and she is so good with my kids. Even so, when it's all said & done, there is always a sigh of relief when it is over.

Now to see how all these new grandparents learn to share little Emery in July!


Karen Lynn said...

Sorry, Lori, I couldn't keep up! Must be the dork in me!

Kim said...

Hi Lori! I have a question for you... In order to maintain a gluten free home, can I still use the PC stoneware, or is there a problem of cross contamination?

Chef Mama Lori said...

Good question, Kim! I'll write a post about it!