Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving Days

My dear faithful readers, um, I mean, anyone out there who happens to stumble upon my blog, since I have probably lost my readers from lack of posting, we are in the midst of moving. We'd been bringing boxes to our new house for a week or so, and on Friday we were able to have our furniture moved by the wonderful Central United Van Lines. My dad still knows the manager there, so our "housewarming" gift was a truck & 2 moving guys. Even though I've been around the moving business my entire life (minus the first 2 years when Dad worked for Hormel), I had forgotten how easily & quickly professional movers work. These 2 men were somewhere between Phil's age & my age, I think, and they worked circles around anything we could do. In 4 hours, they had torn down and moved our stuff from one house to the other. Phil & I are working on boxes and after several weeks, we are still not quite done.

This week we've been working like crazy to empty the garage and house. We opted for a U-haul rather than multiple loads on a pick up and van. Tomorrow morning we'll get up & unload that into our new garage, return the truck by noon, and head to our old house to finish loading what we can and start cleaning. I have to also paint 2 rooms back to a neutral.

We have not lived in a home with an upstairs since 1995 when we had an upstairs apartment. I grew up in homes that often had an upstairs, and at one point lived in a 3rd floor apartment. I was a TAD thinner and in better shape back then. I'm discovering muscles in my legs and back that I never knew existed. I know about them now because they SCREAM out at night!

If anyone is still around & reading, thank you! If anyone is bored this week & wants to come help clean, come on over! :>)

By the way, I am working from the girls' computer (they are at my mother-in-law's house this week) because mine apparently got a virus & now has no internet connection at all. It's rather frustrating as I am trying to get a Pampered Chef show finished for a friend. Looks like I may be downloading my PC program to this computer so I can send the show in. Pray Phil has a minute to work on my PC! Pray for strength & endurance for us, as well, as we finish up at the old house. We will really start unpacking next week.

Have a super day!

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