Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Breed of Dachshund

Most people who know me are aware that I have, um, unusual dreams. The other night I dreamed that my girls had guinea pigs, or were they hamsters? They were the little ones that look like mice with a bit of fuzz, not the bigger ones with long hair. Anyway, in real life, or in AWAKE life, I do not like rodents. I can look at them in a cage, if they are the pet type, other than pet mice or rats, but that's it. So, the fact that I even let my girls have these was strange. Stranger still, I actually LIKED these little critters & let them crawl in my hands & on my arms.

At some point we had to put the little guys away because my sister-in-law, Robin, was coming into the room with her dogs. In HER real life, she right now has a black lab named Lindsey. She's had labs and Golden Retrievers over the past 20 plus years, but never a small breed of dog. Though her "grand-dog" is a Yorkie-poo. In my dream she had dachshunds, but only one was in the room with her. It was a red haired dachshund, a bit shorter than average (in length, that is, not height), and very well-fed, ahem, FAT! This dachshund was so cute. He was sniffing all over the place trying to find something (perhaps the rodents). He had a special feature that only his breed had: his nose lit up RED like a lightbulb when he sniffed! I asked Robin about him. She told me her parents had traveled to South America to find these dachshunds. They were a special breed found only there. The best part was the name of the breed: The RUDOLPH Dachshund!

I was curious to see if there was really a breed like this, and did a google search. No, there isn't. BUT, I found this really cool article about a blind/deaf dachshund NAMED Rudolph:

We need a puppy. Can't have one in this house, but ONE DAY....

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