Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I must be an old fuddy-duddy

I've never been stylish. I've never been trendy. I've never had a clue what made something be in style. I was in my prime when Laura Ashley & Gunne Sax still had a tight grip on the fashion world. How I loved those days. I love flowers. I love floral prints. I loved the whole English Garden look even if my mom did tell me my clothes looked like bedspreads & curtains she had as a child.

Now I am just old, fat and would be happiest to spend my days in a t-shirt & pj pants or shorts (depending on the time of year).

Yesterday I checked in to see who on my blog roll had posted. I was gone all day so I did not see the Inauguration. My niece (The Kisers in my blog roll) had posted a picture of Michelle Obama in her yellow dress at the Inauguration. My niece (and later her commenters, apart from this old aunt), all raved about Michelle's outfit. I do think it was a pretty outfit. I like the fabric & feel for the person who actually sewed it. That was some heavy brocade! Here is what my perspective was, though: It's a very pale yellow and she is wearing olive gloves & teal shoes. Why? I didn't (and still don't) get the color combination. That means one of two things: Either someone has totally changed the color wheel from the last time I saw it OR I am an old fuddy duddy and don't get the new color choices. I'm pretty sure it's the latter. In fact, when I asked on Becky's blog about the shoes, one of the commenters told me that Olive, Teal and yellow all go together. That proves it. I'm an old fuddy duddy.

And in case the styles weren't enough to make me feel this way, it dawned on me that for the first time EVER the president is about my age. He is younger than my husband. The first lady is a year older than I am. I'm not sure I'm ready for my generation to be the leaders. Aren't we too young for this? Didn't we just finish college?

If I am going to be old and be a fuddy duddy, then I must share with you that when I first saw Michelle Obama's ball gown, I thought it looked like cotton with pom-poms on it. Up close I could see that it was much prettier than that. Still, I had to laugh when I read this comment, because it means I am not alone in my age & fuddy-duddy-ness, "It looked like an old chenille bedspread I used to have." I guess what goes around comes around. Maybe my niece & those gorgeous 20-something year olds (seriously, every single one of these ladies is drop-dead gorgeous) should all take pictures of their bedspreads. They might be all the rage in the fashion world one day.

P.S. Don't tell anyone but when Becky was 7 years old she wore a dress very much like these dresses in my wedding. She told me she loved the dress and wore it almost every Sunday to church. LOL!

Edited to add:I typed in "ball gown bedspread" and came up with pages of links. Poor Michelle will go down in history as the First Lady who wore a bedspread. It's okay. She probably wore her mom's old draperies in high school & college. She is about my age, you know.


Anonymous said...

Too Funny!! I must be an old fuddy-duddy too!! The very first thing I said to my girls when I saw Michelle Obama's inaugural gown......"That looks like one of my grandma's old chenille bedspreads!!" Great minds......


April c said...

I LOVED Gunne Sax! I actually owned one in high school (I saved for it).

I'm a fuddy duddy too - I'll pass on the 'old' part, though!

Chef Mama said...

I never owned a dress made by Laura Ashley or Gunne Sax, BUT I had patterns with their names on it & could custom design dresses to fit. I still have one that the girls like to play with. I was so thin that my 10 year old can almost fit into some of the clothes I had back then. WAY back then! LOL!

Becky Kiser said...

it's true. it was my favorite dress. i wore that thing out till the bow would no longer fit around my waist! :)

however, that was at least 15 years ago Aunt lowee!!! ;) Next time I'm up there I'll show you how colors work now. Basically, when it comes to style, matching is out. You want things that don't seem like they belong. If you feel that way, then it probably works. :) Confused yet?