Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Phil

Tonight Phil went to Tex. Med clinic. They sent him for CT scan, which showed some fluid around lung, which just meant he bruised the lung. Couldn't tell if anything was broken. So, back to the clinic for x-rays. His 4th rib is severed & separated. The dr. told him to go to the ER & admit himself, but then called & said wait til morning. The dr. had called the hospital & they were so busy it was a 6 hr. wait. So, Phil is to call the dr. or the dr. will call him in the morning. The dr. said he couldn't believe Phil was walking around like this. He's being sent to N. Central Baptist, where they should know us by name in the ER. I don't think we've ever been admitted there other than through the ER. This might be a first.
I told my Mother in law she'd love this next part. He had not eaten supper. The girls went with me to a PC meeting at a restaurant & we were going to bring home supper for him. Well, he wasn't even home when we left, so we didn't do that. I talked to him a few times & the last time he was at Taco Bell arguing with the manager b/c they short changed him by a dollar! They've messed up our orders so many times that he was just ticked about it. She wouldn't give him the lousy dollar! He's a good German boy! LOL!
So, for now, we'll just wait for morning. He's eating & has good pain meds. I will likely take him to the hospital.
Oh, he filed a Geico claim tonight, and gave them the United insurance info. I TOLD him to check on Well-med insurance today at work & he didn't. GRRRR! I'm pretty sure this injury isn't going to be done by July 31st, AND we have a $2K deductible with United, then 80/20. Geico will pay up to $2k I think, but it's reimbursement. I will call the employee benefits person tomorrow. He is SUPPOSED to be covered from Day 1, but of course we aren't actually enrolled. The accident was pre-employment, but the doctor visit was during employment. I'm too tired to figure it all out right now. I was at 3 different outdoor things today & I stink. I'm going to take a shower. I'm sure you all are glad I shared that with you!
Will update when we know more.

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April C said...

I sure hope you get everything straightened out! Take a deep, calming breath (just don't hyperventilate!) :0)