Monday, July 7, 2008

All I have to do is dream, dream, dream......

Okay, fess up here. How many of you remember the song "All I have to do is dream...."? I'm pretty sure it was out in the 50's then maybe a Donny Osmond remake in the 70's. That song just came to mind as I have had more of my wacky dreams.

A few nights ago I had a rather short but interesting dream. I was walking along a road somewhere, and I know others were with me, but not sure who they were. I was kind of waving good-bye to a car after talking to the person inside of it. The passenger? George Bush! I don't know WHICH GB it was, but it was one. Next, a well-dressed (suit & tie) man came walking along the road with a group of other well-dressed people & possibly some bodyguards or something. The man was Obama. I walked up to him & shook his hand (obviously the guards weren't doing their job! LOL!). He smiled and said, "You must be one of my supporters." I smiled back & said, "No, I'm a Bush supporter. But it's still very nice to meet you." When I woke up I remember wondering why I had said Bush supporter & no current candidate. Oh, maybe b/c I don't care for any of the current candidates! But, I would still shake their hands!

At MIL's house one night I guess I was dreaming that Bethany was standing by our bed, on Phil's side, and tossed something towards the closet, which was by my side of the bed. I sat up & thought Bethany was in bed next to me. I asked, "Bethany are you okay?" At some point I woke up, not sure if it was before or after I said that, and Phil was there. I think I actually asked that question outloud to Phil, but he was asleep. WEIRD!

Last night was the doozy. It was a long run-on dream (like a run-on sentence, but in picture form!). The first part I recall was Becky (my niece---I think she was jealous that I mentioned her brother, so she jumped into my dreams---hee-hee) and either her husband or some random guy, were in a room. I asked, "Are you still doing Pampered Chef?" They both said yes. Then, we decided we would all go to the PC conference (which is happening, in real life, next week). I kept trying to get on a train or plane or something to get to Chicago, but never could get there that way. In the next part I was in Chicago "magically" and kept kind of showing up at random spots. This was nothing like Chicago at all, but it was supposed to be. That whole part of the dream was so strange.

The next part was also with Becky. She was wearing an outfit, like a swimsuit, made entirely out of pony tail holders all joined together. They were pastel (in case you wondered). She was going to watch the girls for me. For some reason, she was on one side of a glass showcase & I was on the other. Part of it was broken, so glass was in the middle. I was trying to crawl through it to get to her side without getting cut. There was a DOOR or hallway or something right next to this showcase, so I have no idea why I was trying to go through it.

The rest is really vague, but I remember trying to have Christmas at my parents' old house at Canyon Lake. My brother at one point was in his fancy Methodist Preacher garb & when I asked him about something, he got really mad & yelled at me. It was so unlike him that it scared me in the dream & made me really sad & want to cry.

Some people dream about really cool stuff. I dream about my family yelling at me, wearing weird clothing & crawling through glass cases! Maybe tonight I'll just sleep with no dreams. That would be nice!

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