Friday, July 25, 2008

Bethany's Birthday Art!

It is officially Bethany's 12th birthday. I will post later about the birthday, but want to share some artwork with you. Bethany has been drawing since I can remember. She has held her pens & pencils in a fairly normal way from preschool. It just comes naturally to her. Her printing, however, is nothing to write home about. She has told me, "I can write better, I just don't want to." THAT is why we are still working on cursive because it's much better than her printing! Anyway, her art has always been fun for me to see. She's developed a very cartoonish style of art. We have a friend about her age who also has a gift for art, but draws very realistic pictures. It's just fun to watch their styles even at this young age.

Without further adieu, here are 4 pages of pictures she doodled tonight. She did ask me how to spell embarrassing but I can never remember if it's 2 r's & 2 s's (which I know it is now thanks to spell check!), so I didn't tell her. Thus, her creative version. I love the baby fish saying, "Hewo!" and the horse realizing he's in the wrong place. She has a cute sense of humor. I honestly am not sure who or what all the drawings are, or why there is a hamster in a picture with Sponge Bob characters. The autistic mind is something I can't quite grasp! Nor the ARtistic mind!

Oh, wait, I said without further adieu. I lied. Here you go!

Editing this to say I totally missed the turtle daydreaming about being in a hammock! That cracked me up!

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lakegrandma said...

Of course my favorite is the turtle. I like them all though, Bethany has talent.