Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I have ANOTHER upper respiratory infection. This is the 3rd of this type illness this year. I stayed home from our homeschool co-op today & my friend took the girls. I went to bed for a couple of hours. When I got up I had a message that my friend found lice on Bethany's head. AGAIN. She brought both girls home (thank you!). Natalie shows no signs of the critters, but did have a FLEA on her head.

So, off we went to the doctor's office for me to get a prescription. Then to the store to buy lice killing shampoo. I also ordered some stuff online that a lady told me was the only thing she found to finally get rid of the lice.

Bethany's bedding is in the washer, her hair has been washed & picked through. My nose is runny, needs to be washed and....oh, wait, wrong issue! LOL! I put Bethany's hair into these little ponytails all over. A friend on Splitcoast told me that made it easier to deal with going through the hair a section at a time. Except she said to put it into little buns. I just don't have bobby pins! Bethany thought she looked quite stylish. Note the "pose" in the one of her back!

We'll be home for the next several days picking bugs, I guess!

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