Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I took a Trip last night

You know you've been stuck in the house sick and picking lice too long when you start dreaming about taking a trip. ANYWHERE. So, last night I took a trip.

I was in New Mexico. I vaguely remember driving there & it seems like we were on a map as we drove. Really weird. Then, I went to this house & it was a couple that had adopted or was fostering about 20 kids. And, they had some househelp that only spoke Spanish. BUT, the house was this horrible, unlivable place that was an OLD yucky thing. Then, it had been added onto with more shack-like buildings. The kids were all over the place & they had the weirdest beds everywhere. The bathtub was filled once & everyone was supposed to bathe in it. It was kind of like a multi-level tub with different parts attached together, like a hot tub that flows into a pool. But, these kids had eaten all kinds of food in the tub, so there were food scraps all in it. I was SO tired & just wanted to sleep. I also discovered that Natalie was there with me. So, I was trying to find a place where she & I could lie down & sleep. When I went outside, the house was right on a river. I mean, it was like a building in Venice would be with the water outside. And they were having some kind of festival on the water. I wanted to bring my laptop inside to plug in, but I didn't want anyone to feel bad that I had a computer! The next day we all walked to church, I think. Though, we had to walk past some really scary looking places to get there. I don't remember ever getting to church. I think the couple with all these kids was a missionary couple or something.

During this whole dream, I kept thinking, "Tomorrow I'll be with Peggysue & Traci since they live here in New Mexico." Those are 2 of my online "dork sister" friends.

It was truly a very colorful, detailed dream. Whoever says you don't dream in color has never been inside MY head! I gotta get well!

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