Thursday, April 3, 2008

Of lice and ladybugs

We had another lice scare on Tuesday. Bethany had something in her hair that appeared to be the same as the bugs we had last time. Of course now we are all itchy. A friend looked through her hair and found nothing but scalp. Another friend looked through my hair and found no bugs. However, she did about faint when she realized how much hair I have. I offered to share some for a transplant.

Yesterday we did the whole cleaning routine for lice. I washed all her bedding in hot water, then sprayed what couldn't be washed. I washed her hair with tea tree oil shampoo.

I had a really strange dream, which for me isn't strange at all. I could see some little dark lice in Bethany's hair & in mine. I washed both of our hair with the lice shampoo (the chemical kind). When I finished washing, I had dead bugs (which happens when you use the shampoo, that's the idea), but I had LOTS of dead bugs AND live bugs. And they were no longer lice, but LADYBUGS! I had ladybugs crawling around on my head. I went outside to try to get them to fly away. I don't know if they all came off or not.

I also dreamed that Texas was right next to Washington DC, but DC was located where Georgia really is. I was planning to attend some funerals at either Arlington or another National Cemetery & I was going through a list of burials to see which one had more people on it that I knew. I had circled a bunch, but before I left, someone asked if I really needed to go since it would be quite an expense to pay for gas for the car. I looked at the list again & realized I didn't know ANY of the deceased, then wondered why in the world I was going to go.

It's not just me. My dad has these crazy dreams, my kids have them, and my niece has them. If you want to see my niece's championship dream, click HERE.

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