Saturday, April 12, 2008

2nd Place!!! Way to go Natalie!

Today Natalie was in the AWANA games. AWANA is a Bible club for kids. Each Sunday they have a meeting and play games, learn Bible verses, and hear a Bible story. They have some really fun games like bean bag toss and 4 way tug of war. The church where we go for AWANA (Community Bible, or CBC) had a team this year, and Natalie was so excited to be able to do this! She was in 4 of the games (they have to alternate who plays in each game). She got to run the 3 legged race with another little girl. They were the smallest ones on the team & the perfect size for this. It was a lot of fun to watch. CBC's team placed 2nd in the semi-finals & she got a red ribbon! This is the first year they've had a team, so I thought they did really well.

I was really pleased to see the good sportsmanship, especially with Natalie. She tends to be competitive, but has grown up so much and doesn't get as upset about not winning, usually. She did mention that a different team had more "disqualifications" (they have really specific rules to follow), but was still VERY excited to place. She said, "I thought we'd be in 4th place or maybe 3rd. When they announced 4th place, I figured we were 3rd." Needless to say 2nd was really exciting.

We then went to Mr. Gatti's, or Gattiland, or Gatti's. Not sure what the proper term is these days. Back in the "old days" when Mr. Gatti's first came to this area, we ate there a lot. That was well over 20 years ago! Who knew you had to have games and cheap toys to make it a REAL pizza place. The church paid for Nat's meal. I had told the girls I'd pay for a little bit to play games. I had no idea how much FOOD would cost there. For just Bethany & me the food part was over $15. Remember, I can't even eat pizza or pasta, and didn't dare try some of the foods that could have had gluten in them. And Bethany, well, at under 50 lbs., as you can imagine, she does NOT eat $6.59 worth of pizza. And that didn't include any games! I suspect I will be making pots of beans this week to eat since we spent so much money this week on medicine, lice treatment (which hasn't arrived) and then Gatti's.

Phil went to his mom's last night to go to an air show up there today. He did ask if I needed him to stay since we still had some lice on Bethany (eggs, no live ones). I told him to go on, as I didn't think there was that much on her head. Well, when I combed it out last night it was GROSS! I gooped up her hair with this extreme hair gel & let it sit for over an hour, then washed, sprayed in tea tree oil conditioner, and put hair oil on it. When I combed, I found lots of nits. yuck! I put her hair into braids & twisted them up today and made her wear a hat. Poor kid!

I had my markers with me to color on some stamped images while I was waiting for Natalie's team to play. Bethany & I were on the top row of bleachers. When she started drawing we had a swarm of little girls come watch her draw. She was drawing Cinderella's coach, with the whole scene around it. That was sweet that they wanted to watch. But, they were really crowding in on us & I had to tell them she'd had lice & please move away. And, "No, you cannot see her DS. Because I'm her mom & I said so. No, you can't use my markers. Her hair is really long. Yes, she does have lice." I wanted to say, "What adult are you with and why aren't they watching you?" I really just wanted to color & then watch Natalie.

Phil said he forgot to take the charged battery to the air show (he had the camera), so he only took a few pictures. I didn't take any (since he had the camera!) of Natalie. Others did, so hopefully I can get some copies of pictures. Tomorrow when he gets home I'll have him take pictures of her with her red ribbon.

I now have my head covered in goop & a shower cap. I used lice killing chemicals last night & my head itched more today than it had. I hope to smother anything that might be there. Good thing most my brain cells are long gone so I won't worry about too many being smothered! LOL!

Off to comb through hair & put on clean sheets. Good night!

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Lori Barnett said...

Awesome!! I bet Natalie was one happy camper! :) My kids all went to Awanas too! I have a post in my blog of Awana Game day. They have so much fun.