Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our house was bombed!

It's true. Our house was bombed. But, much to our chagrin, the only actual destruction was on any critters that dared to exist in our home. We feel that taking a hit here & there would not necessarily be a bad thing for this old house! We aren't sure the bugs really were affected though. I did put a sheet up to keep the kitchen from being directly hit. I have too many food serving or prep pieces out to be spraying pesticide in there. Apparently, this was enough to prevent ANY of the poison from hitting the kitchen. We came home to a kitchen still swarming in fruit flies. We have quite a time with those this time of year. Ideally, if there were any lice living anywhere off of our heads, this did them in. Hopefully, there are not even any signs of lice still in our heads!

Our latest weapon of choice, the EVOO, is quite smelly. Natalie is okay with having it on her head. She has such baby fine hair that it was hard to wash it out. She has the type of hair that might get oily easily as a teen, I think. Bethany has hair like mine: coarse & thick. It washed out of her hair like a dream. Or, perhaps, it just soaked in. I wonder if it is even worth rinsing it out of my hair. It probably makes it look healthier with some oil in it! And just think of how it would help my cooking business! Ah, this is our consultant for the night. Doesn't she smell just heavenly? Just like a trip to the Italian restaurant!

That's about as exciting as it's been around here. I'll share a different post about my personal "excitement," which isn't anything too terribly exciting! LOL!

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vikkijo said...

WOW! Dork moment big time! It must be these drugs....I thought BOMBED?!?!? OMG
YOu should go in and get rid of those goofy letter things that I have to type to leave you a message! LOL