Friday, April 25, 2014


I put this statement on Facebook but thought I'd share it here, too: I was thinking I'm so sore that I feel like I've run a marathon or done an all day workout. Then I laughed. I don't run or work out!

I managed to clean my tub and fill it with hot water and epsom salt. Then came the hard part: actually getting into the tub. I am literally sore from my neck down to my toes. I was a bit concerned that I'd get in the tub and not be able to get back out. Thankfully after soaking it helped my muscles enough that I was able to get out by myself. That would have just not been a pretty sight if my kids had needed to come help me. :)

We went to Walmart but it was slow going. The meclizine (dramamine's newer formula) along with 12 hour sudafed has cleared the fluid in my ears so I can turn my head without feeling dizzy. The biggest issue was just being sore. I had to have the girls put most of the items into the cart. I pushed the cart at first because it gave me something to lean on, but once it was full I couldn't push anymore. 

I have to wonder how much having fibromyalgia has to do with my level of pain. I have constant muscle pain daily, but it isn't this severe on a day to day basis, and certainly not this widespread. 

My throat is still very sore. I got some chloraseptic spray, some lozenges and am continuing with salt water and herbal tea sweetened with honey. WARM tea. Anything cold to drink hurts. I can get room temperature water down. 

I am supposed to be "pushing liquids." It is hard with my throat hurting, but I must be doing okay because little smitherings of Pebbles & Bam Bam are making their way into the world. LOL! 

I'm going to eat a gluten free Amy's meal tonight: Broccoli and Cheddar bowl. It seemed like it would go down easily. 

Since I only have a whopping 5 followers and I'm not sure anyone actually follows anymore, I'm using this as a journal of sorts. I want to go back and read about what they do during lithotripsy that makes your body so sore. Maybe somewhere down the road someone will wonder what another person experienced during this process and they can read this. But I wouldn't wish kidney stones on my worst enemy. Well, maybe on my worst enemy.....just kidding! 

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