Sunday, April 27, 2014

I will survive

I know you now have Gloria Gaynor's song stuck in your head, "I will survive...." You're welcome. LOL!

Today was better than yesterday. It is not so painful to get out of bed or out of a chair to walk. I can turn over in bed without every muscle screaming at me. Now I am feeling the pain in my left side where the shockwaves were directed. My arm where I have carpal tunnel and arthritis is probably the 2nd sorest area. I think just having a weakened immune system along with nerve issues with fibromyalgia make me more susceptible to pain.

I slept for several hours solid, was up for a bit, then back to bed again. I did nap at one point this afternoon. I am calling it quits before midnight which is unusual for me but good. I only hope I can sleep pain free through the night.

I've not seen many more stone fragments come through today. I imagine it will take some time to wash them all out. I am able to eat & drink with much more ease today which makes getting the essential water into my system much better.

Took 2 hydrocodone overnight last night. Hoping for just the one I took this evening to help.

I have so much I NEED to do that doesn't take a ton of energy, but it does take some energy. Most of what I do involves use of my hands & arms so the pain makes it impossible to do the sewing, etc. I have waiting to be done. Even typing can be painful, so I have to be careful.

The Vicodin/hydrocodone is hitting so I am off to la la land. Good night!

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