Monday, January 4, 2010

My Funny Family

If you haven't already seen the funny videos my brother's family took this weekend, here are some to make you laugh. I'm not blog savvy enough to know how to put them in here, so I'm going to give you some links. In these first 2, my great niece Emery is laughing for the first time (well, that day was the first time). She laughed at the dog barking, but when they filmed it, little Logan wouldn't bark. Being the good aunt she is, Aunt Becky barked and Emery cracked up. There are 2 different videos & both are equally funny.

This last one is kind of scary. My Sis-in-law is a professional singer. Well, she WAS until she decided to go back to school & become a lawyer while working full time. She still sings really well. My brother sings well, too. That is, normally they sing well. They have this ritual of singing Happy Birthday, um, not no well. You can tell that Maestro Robin has become the Grandmother/Matron of the group when she tries to get them to stop & they won't! I also noticed SHE is on the floor with the grandbaby. Such a grandma!

Enjoy----I think!

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