Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't Mess with Mama Bear

I won't share the whole long story, but will say that messing with a Mama when her child needs medicine isn't good. Natalie needs some antibiotic. Short version: Walgreen's took nearly 24 hours, an hour on hold that never got answered, then an hour in line to find out the medicine was out of stock. Can you not pick up the phone & say, "This medicine isn't available" so the patient can find it elsewhere? Sheesh! Wal-Mart told me they were out of it just by filling in the info at the drop off window. I called CVS & they told me it isn't being made (after my ordeal with Walgreens). Who does Walgreen's hire that not only can't fill your prescription for your sick kid but can't answer a call, place a call, or tell you when your medication isn't available? I think they don't pay people enough. And for Pete's sake, it's amoxicillin. How do you not carry amoxicillin? I have put a call in to the pediatrician, who is also my friend of 8 years, so we will get something for Natalie, who is coughing like a lung is going to fly out---again.

Thankfully this is not life threatening, just a sinus infection. What if it WERE life threatening? This isn't the latest movie, or the latest greatest toy, but medicine for a child!

I think I've just turned into my mother. She stopped shopping at stores when they did stuff like this! We will be driving the extra 10 minutes to CVS in the future.

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Anonymous said...

UGH that is so frustrating. CVS is not perfect either, but we use them.... UGH UGH and more UGH!

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