Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Praying for Haiti

Like most of you, I am in shock as I watch pictures of the devastation in Haiti. I think once you have been to a third world country (all seem to share the same poverty and hurts), when you see something like this, you can picture it happening in the country/-ies you've visited. I remember when the US govt. building in Nairobi & Tanzania were bombed about 12 years ago. I could almost feel what it was like. This time, though, it is so widespread, that even though I have an idea of what it must have been like before, I cannot wrap my heart and mind around how horrible this is. I'm sure the grief for anyone who's ever lost a loved one in a tragedy like this is just as deep as what these people are feeling. I guess it is just the depth and breadth of this loss that takes my breath away.

I just read the Living Proof Ministry blog (Beth Moore, a Bible Teacher, and her daughters contribute to this blog) and wanted to pass this along to you in case you are wondering what you can do to help.

I know that through all of this God is still at work. I don't know why this happened and don't begin to ponder that question. I do know that in the midst of tragedy God can graciously comfort the hurting. I also know that He works through His children to help others. And I know He hears our prayers, so I will keep praying for these people in their darkest hour of need.

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