Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home after the Holidays

Yes, I used the "politically correct" word in the title. It's a song I'm now singing but ad libbing the words, "Oh, there's no place like home after the holidays. Cuz no matter how far away you roam, if you want to be happy in a million ways, after the holidays you can't be home sweet home."

We had a wonderful time at Grandma's (Phil's mom's), but stayed 2 days longer than expected. First, Phil had to work on her computer but couldn't get the part until we went into Austin on Monday (for his great aunt's funeral). That took into the night to fix. He did not want to leave on the bike when it was dark and blustery cold. Tuesday we woke up to VERY cold drizzle (for Texas, at least, in the 30's). Again, not good riding conditions. We had the car so we could have gone home IF we didn't need to carry his "gear" home (cpap machine for sleeping, etc.). I'm going to make sure he takes his saddle bags next time we do this so HE can carry things home if necessary! As it turned out, today was gorgeous with highs probably in the upper 50's and in the sun it felt even warmer.

We told the girls we'd go look at the lights on the San Antonio Riverwalk tonight. Natalie was very excited to do that. Phil wasn't looking forward to it but I told him I would take them even if he wasn't up to going because we'd promised them we'd do it several days earlier (and had he had his brain attached and not rode a motorcycle in 30 something weather with 50 mph winds we would have been home sooner!). We got in the car and Natalie said, "I'm fine with not going to see the lights." sigh. I thought about saying, "You made a big fuss over it so we ARE GOING TO DO IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" I only said the first part because truthfully I was ready to be HOME! When Phil gets here he said he'd go with us to look at lights downtown from the car.

In years past going back to our home meant leaving an immaculate house (Grandma's) with lots of space to arrive at a barely bigger than a bungalow house with junk EVERYWHERE. While this house isn't neat right now, just walking in and having places to put things made us so happy. Just being at OUR HOUSE made us happy. There's a funny smell (hmmm, I must have forgotten to take out the garbage), clothes to wash, and much to put away, but it's HOME!!! As wonderful as it is to be away and be spoiled with Grandma cooking most meals (I helped some, but mostly chose clean up duty as she was so busy cooking before I knew what was going on), being home is so nice. Knowing that if I want something gluten free, I can grab it is so nice. Having our own bed is so nice. Not having to share a computer with everyone else is so nice. Though I have a certain child waiting to use mine!

So, as my title indicates, "There's no place like Home after the Holidays!"

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