Friday, April 10, 2009

What would your dream job be?

If you had all the time, money and energy for a dream job, what would it be?

I think I would make a good sleep study model. I could sleep all the time & get paid to do it. Cool, huh?

I'd love to make & sell crafts and get paid a regular salary for it.

If I had time, space & energy, I'd prepare Gluten Free food for sale, and/or teach GF cooking classes. I love teaching & after 8 years cooking food at Pampered Chef shows, I think I have that part down. Cooking & Baking gf is so different & I'd love to help people get past the frustration level.

I loved doing the testing when I was working at Sylvan Learning Center. I think I would enjoy being a diagnostician for students. Now that I also have some experience with special needs to go with my regular ed & learning "differences" background, I think this would be an interesting field.

I think right now I'll go be a mattress tester & see how well I can sleep in my own bed. Good night!


Lois said...

My dream job? Hmmmmm that has to be a tough one, cause some of what I am doing now is a dream job for me. But I would have to say some of it would involve being creative, maybe in an historic situation. I love history, love crafts, love gardening, love design and Bible study. So I guess it would be something with all of those.

Or better yet, a teacher involved in those things. I love teaching.

BethH said...

Well, I used to think it was teaching but since I've been home, not sure I want to get back into the schools. I LOVE doing my crafting for my 'side job' and have made pretty good $ at it already this year. I also love doing mission work so would love to get back into that at some point....fornow...I'm just changing diapers, wiping snotty noses and making cards when I can! LOL!