Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aren't they Lovely?

After showing Bethany with her hair all pretty & a little make-up, I thought I'd show Natalie's lovely new trim & my "mop" restyled.
Here is Natalie before the hair cut:

And After:

Mine before the cut:

And After:

Wow, the camera really does add weight. I have NO IDEA where that extra chin came from. LOL! Speaking of losing weight, I should have lost a few pounds with this hair cut. She cut and cut and cut, then had an entire dustpan FULL of hair. She could have made a wig out of what was cut. She started to blow dry it and then said, "It's STILL too thick" and cut some more! She left it long but thinned it out with some layers. I can only imagine how much hair would have disappeared if she'd cut it short.

I almost feel guilty that I have so much hair & can't even donate it because it's not long, just bulky.

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BethH said...

Cute, cute! You girls look beautimous!!!!

Becky Kiser said...

love the cut! :)